Youth Meet with Minister Bollaji Abdullahi Via a tweet-meet Townhall

Young Nigerians Thursday September 8, 2011 had an interactive town hall meeting via tweeter known as tweet – meet with the Minister of youth development Mr Bollaji Abdullahi to deepen young people’s participation concerning the issues of governance.

The tweet meet with hashtag #NGMYD first of its kind, started at 3PM Local time, with the youth minister introducing young Nigerians to the ministry’s strategic plans.

Firstly, Mr. Bollaji noted that the idea behind this tweet-meet is to help give the Nigerian youth a voice as well as deepen their participation on youth development and governance issues. However, the Minister was quick to add that all issues are welcomed for the Thursday September 8, 2011 meeting for but subsequent tweet-meets, will state out specific issues to be addressed.

On the issue of the National Youth Service Corps, (NYSC) Mr Abdullahi stated that the ministry is to change the NYSC from that of national integration to the NYSC of national transformation.

He added that, a national conference will be organized and to be driven by young people, leadingto the reforms of the NYSC.

The minister mentioned that at the end of the one year NYSC exercise, youth corps members should be able to put up excellent business plans rather than excellent Curriculum Vitae, as the present administrations emphasis’ will be on the ‘S’  (Service) in NYSC.

To the questions about what the youth development strategy seeks to achieve, the Minister noted that the thrust of the youth development strategy is to focus on job placement, skill acquisition and access to credit and will be executed with particular attention to the limitations that young people have.

One of the burning issues affecting the youth population in Nigeria no doubt remains unemployment and here is the youth ministers strategy to address unemployment ‘’ Our plan is to engage our unemployed youths in these 5 major areas: Agriculture, Entertainment, ICT, Construction and Tourism’’

Mr. Abdullahi in his tweets stated, that the tweet meet is largely exploratory as the Ministry hopes to make it better and incorporate new ideas based on feedback from the Thursday meeting.  The tweet meet afforded young people an opportunity not just to air their views about issues in the polity, but it also gave the youth minister insights about the priority issues that concerns the youth.

Finally, the Minister noted that the ministry is to open up more channels for youth voices to be heard and appealed to young Nigerians whose questions were unattended to send questions to his personal email

By Abang

The Minister had a tweet meet Town Hall with young Nigerians Via Tweeter



One thought on “Youth Meet with Minister Bollaji Abdullahi Via a tweet-meet Townhall

  1. Sir! Tank U for such a gud move towards understanding d plight of d Nigerian Youth. My question is” Hw often should we expect dis kind of meeting”?

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