President Jonathan’s Media Men

To say that I was impressed at President Goodluck Jonathans Interview that aired on Monday September 12, 2011 will be an understatement. Whoever is involved in handling the latest media act put up must be commended.

Apart from the fact that Mr. President responded from the point of view of the lay man on the street made him the hero we never had in the presidency, he killed the day by putting up interesting attitude in his response that portrays him as one who really knows what Nigerians truly want.

President Jonathans best critics on my timeline on twitter @AbangMercy attest to the fact that his handlers put in their best as President Jonathan did not just put up a good show but had gesticulations that were just on point to win the day.

Though many argue that Mr. President knew the questions before hand but one will also say that actors are awarded best act of a given year not because the same script wasn’t presented to their colleagues that made the cast and crew of same movie, but because the script was well presented by a given character that earns well at the Grammys.

Away from the good presentation, how then can Nigerians feel the impact of the present administration with the rising crime rates and terrorist attacks? We (Nigerians ) really need more of such interviews to know that our president is still alive but the issues talked about must be felt by the Nigerian on the street for anyone to rate Jonathans government as successful. The teeming population is hungry and still suffers the fear that someday one will be bombed by the crazy sect called “Boko Haram”

If the media handlers for President Jonathan were able to knock him to shape to face the camera for the first time in the History of his live appearances’ looking that good, why then will the men in charge of the nation’s security not assure Nigerians of  the security of lives and property ?

The time to walk the talk is now and all hands must be on deck to make Nigeria work. We all have to unite same way Americans did when terrorist invaded their shores a decade ago.

President Jonathan, we are watching you.

If you fail, you will be listed in history as one of the failed presidents that made his way to Asu Rock President Villa but if you succeed, Posterity will not forget you…

If I were you Jonah, I will choose to succeed.

I rest my case!!

by Abang Mercy


2 thoughts on “President Jonathan’s Media Men

  1. Well said eventhough i don’t belief GEJ has anything good to offer nigerians,we missed it again in April 2011 simple so we might need to wait for anoda 4 or eight yrs again to see if we all can put sentiments apart and vote for dat person dat can take nig from de darkness dat we are now to de 21st century.

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