If you love ‘GEJ’ Say Amen

The entire buzz on social networking sites and the increasing range of networking platforms world over on which one can join conversations to gain visibility, credibility and ultimately stand out, is making waves as young Nigerians are joining the conversation speaking out about governments  activities and social ills affecting the 160 million people.

So I was tagged on a status update along with other Nigerians all friends to Kayode Ogundamisi with the note “To all those who love Goodluck Ebele Jonathan than Nigeria! We hate to say WE TOLD YOU SO and we won’t curse you, we will also say one PRAYER and that is. May God handle your affairs and the affairs of everyone related to you the same way GEJ is handling the affairs of Nigeria. Say a big AMEN to it” It was an interesting discussions and I was particular to read through the responses by Nigerians.

Mixed reactions have been elicited from Nigerians to the page, concerning the present administration. I will not be summarizing the discussions, but will state the major highlights of the argument as quoted by the persons.

Kindly find below excerpts of the conversation. Enjoy!!!!

Temidayo Oyebade

‎”To all those who love Goodluck Ebele Jonathan than Nigeria”…. hmmm…. I don’t think anybody should say amen to this lame prayer bcos nobody really loves GEJ more than Nigeria … what we have seen however is that some people love Buhari more than Nigeria and would rather wish a fellow Nigerian evil simply because Buhari didn’t win … Kayode Ogundamisi … wake up, election is over, we have a country to build together and if you won’t be part of the journey you can step aside and watch Nigeria be great again … God bless GEJ, God bless Nigeria. A country divided against itself cannot stand’’.

Sunkanmi Adesina

It is fundamentally wrong to love Jonathan more than Nigeria, but how can it be wrong to love Jonathan more than Buhari?……If not in a country like Nigeria, how can some1 love a coup plotter, who as a result of his truncation of democracy, dragged us back for further 16 year b4 we have democracy again? Some1 that should be in prison for felony if we are right thinkers. Now tell me, why some1 will love this “hater of democracy” more than Jonathan. If the election is to be conducted again, among the same set of people can be sure that Jonathan will win again. It is simply a case of if the preferable is not available, the available becomes preferable!

Abang Mercy Banku

Interesting to see how as humans we cannot afford to allow ourselves to be managed the same way leaders in Nigeria tend to manage our institutions. The Police doesn’t care about the man whose car is stolen, the teacher fails to put in his/her best to see the student graduate in flying colors, the bank manager wants to loot the bank and go home smiling. The failures of the Nigerian institutions no doubt shows in our homes and some day we will wake to see the implication of what the Nigerian society is gradually turning into if we continue to sit and watch.

Abiodun Ogundare

Nigeria herself will be 51 next month and i dont think 1 year is anything in the life of a nation. The country has been having problem b4 birth and the problem still remains and there will always be problem for those who think Gen Buhari has d solution, they should go and sleep again because Nigeria is far bigger than what can be solved by unnesary sensational stories. What id he do in 1983?? and can anybody point to the ‘legacies’ behind to suggest an attack on some1 who is simply doing well now????? we are good at antagonising in Nigeria. There is really no basis playing God with jonathan becauses he neva promised Nigerians problem-free society.

Emeka Aneke

How can one say Amen to this. What if a relative of yours mistakenly voted for Jonathan, will you want to see his/her affairs to be the way GEJ has been handling Nigeria’s? Invariably, if things turn nasty for my relative as a result, I will, by extension, be cursed as well – as I would be expected lend my relative a hand when his/her affairs turn deplorable as Jonathan has made the nation’s. This means I would be inconvenienced, at least. I am sorry to disappoint you but I won’t chorus Amen to this.

Temidayo Oyebade

@Tope Aboyeji you must be kidding me you mean WAI is an achievement??? … common …. people queuing up at bstop while solders take to the street to bulala people at will for senseless reason is fundamental achievement for you? how those that translate to beta life for a common man? am sure you remember Jakande of Lagos state, it was buhari’s coup that brought an end to the fast pace of development in lagos back then … my family benefited from one of jakande’s estate, you would wonder y and how a sane person would want to stop that … 2. did you ask about value of dollars to Naira then? hmm.. Maybe u can tell us and tell us y ur buhari stoped the metro lines project of lagos claiming the country was broke.. naija broke in 1984??? Common…

‘yemi Adamolekun

Knowing Nigeria’s history and the role of key players cannot be overstated. However, to move this country forward, we need to LEARN from the past, not DWELL on it. The April elections are over; your candidate or not, GEJ won and he is now YOUR president. And so are the members of NASS, Governors, State House of Assemblies and Local Governments. Can we turn our energies to holding all of them to their promises and their roles as elected/appointed officials? Bickering over who was a better candidate in April is useless in September!

Rosanwo Бабатунде

That President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is struggling with leading this nation called Nigeria translates to those who did not vote for him should keep quiet. Fresh air indeed, Yeye dey smell reach here. Its about time some people understand that the non performance of the president is not in the best interest of the country. One is talking about the non performance of President Goodluck Jonathan some oversabi people are talking about Buhari who lost the elections, you can continue to cry over the loss of Buhari on his half but ooops NO, Buhari’s loss has nothing to do with the man without shoes who cannot lead this nation. GET IT RIGHT!!!!! President GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan has no clue of what is going on. Or is GEJ performing and its only we that campaigned for Buhari/CPC that can’t see it? The yeye wey carry una go vote for GEJ never commot, una go hear am. #kpish


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