Nigerian Christians will back REMOVAL OF OIL SUBSIDY

Nigerian Christians will back REMOVAL OF OIL SUBSIDY Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor President Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN affirm. Oritsejafor, said the decision to remove oil subsidy was an inevitable painful pill to swallow and that all Christians and Nigerians should support Goodluck Jonathan in the task of “salvaging” Nigeria. Pastor Oritsejafor is a close confidant of President Jonathan and doubles as “spiritual adviser to the President” (via Canary)
How many Nigerians (Christians) were consulted before the controversial comment from the CAN president?

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, threw its weight behind the proposed oil subsidy removal, arguing that the Federal Government must convince Nigerians that the gains from the exercise will be judiciously managed for the benefit of the masses of the country.

The CAN president was represented by the National Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Pastor Wale Adefarasin at an annual symposium in Lagos, where he made the comments.  Taking the petroleum subsidy campaign to the church without proper polices will only be a “DIVIDE AND RULE” ploy by the JONATHAN Administration.

The Federal Government needs to step up its communication and enlightenment campaign over the next one year concerning the planned subsidy. All Nigerians hear now, is more of a threat to belt up ahead of the coming year. No one has bothered to carry out enlightenment.

Who is at the National Orientation? What are the duties of the Orientation agencies, enough of the hypocrisy and get Nigerians to even understand the term “SUBSIDY”.  Mopping off cash from the struggling Nigerian with no social safety nets will amount to long suffering and untold hardship.

Not until the federal government properly fix the existing refineries and build two or more refineries in the next 12 months, sincerely the subsidy debates should be taken away from the ALTAR and the Nigerian press.


One thought on “Nigerian Christians will back REMOVAL OF OIL SUBSIDY

  1. How can the government remove subsidy when nothing is working, no railway system, no good roads, no light, please let me say we need to overhaul the whole system let the refinaries work and build new new ones then we can talk about oil subsidy.
    CAN is not a full representation of all christian in Nigeria. Have they gone out to seek opinion of the populace before going to press.
    They should even sound out their church members first before saying that they are fully behind the FG on the oil subsidy, we Nigerians are now wise no spiritual leader can come and just tell us things now and we follow them like zombies. I think it is time for our spiritual leaders to confront the government and tell them the truth about how people are suffering in this country, not go to Abuja and collect gifts, why won’t they not support the system. The all mighty God say we should be wise. So Nigerians let us wake up and say no to the removal of oil subsidy and let the government put things in place.
    The western world we follow their footsteps, they do thing the proper way by having a referendum, they will carry the whole nation along sit down and discuss, not you just saying by January 2012 we will remove subsidy to say Nigerian, or your pockets.
    If CAN as nothing better to contribute to alleviate the suffering of the people they should please keep quiet on this issue and stay out. They should continue praying for the co-existence of the nation as a whole


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