CNPP backs NLC’s demand for NNPC probe

The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has thrown its weight behind the NLC in its demand that the National Assembly must probe the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) noting that this is the last opportunity for the National Assembly to save face following series of probes into public institutions without results.

The group said the National Assembly must also probe beyond NNPC as an but should extend its investigation to cover the Ministry of Petroleum and its officials noting that officials of the ministry have been mentioned in several reports in the past without anything happening to them. CNPP said in a statement issued in Abuja that Nigerians no longer have faith that the National Assembly has the ability to successfully investigate any public institution given the experiences citizens have had in the past. “Beginning from the PTDF probe in the closing days of the Obasanjo administration through the Power Probe that was eventually exposed as a charade and other investigations carried out by the House of Representatives and Senate, Nigerians are usually the losers as more public funds are spent by the lawmakers without indicting anyone or even putting a stop to corruption.

“There have been reports in the media in the past that highly placed officials in the Ministry of Petroleum enjoy protection from the presidency. But this is where we draw the line, the latest round of probe must be made to cover from the past and serving minister to the most junior officials with approving authority. We are very much aware that ministry and NNPC officials usually frustrate efforts to probe the dirty dealings in the oil industry and it is because of this that we are demanding that the federal lawmakers do a thorough job and spare no one. An investigation into the sector can only be frustrated when there is a notion that there are sacred cows. “This is the impression that the National Assembly must strive to correct with this opportunity that they have to prove that they are not part of the corruption going on in the oil industry particularly when lawmakers have oversight function in the NNPC.

“The demand by NLC represents the demand of Nigerian workers and by extension the wish of the everyday Nigerian. Failure to properly probe NNPC and expose the magnitude of corruption and those behind it in NNPC will be a tacit way of enslaving Nigerians as this corruption in the corporation has been canvassed as the main plank for removal of fuel subsidy and to plunge the populace into further misery.” The statement said. The conference said the NNPC has proven itself to be the conduit pipe for corruption in Nigeria and that this may be the explanation for those who are doing everything possible to block the investigation of what has now become known as the cesspit of Nigeria’s corruption. “It is on this ground that CNPP warns that any delay or shady dealing by the National Assembly in probing NNPC will be viewed as an attack on Nigerians. CNPP will therefore support whatever labour does regardless of whether this involves widespread protests, strike or the new trend of ‘Occupy NNPC’ to ensure that the investigation is diligently carried out to begin the process of rooting out the rot in the oil industry.” The CNPP said.

Willy Ezugwu

Secretary General, CNPP


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