Talk of looming revolt is stale news-CNPP tells Jonathan

The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has said the prediction by President Goodluck Jonathan that a revolution is looming in Nigeria is stale news and that the uprising will happen during Jonathan’s administration since several groups including the CNPP have been warning about such meltdown for some time now without those in power doing anything about it.
CNPP recalled that President Jonathan had said “In the coming years, youths will revolt against any president or state government if we do not come up with policies that will create jobs” when he attended a campaign rally in Lokoja, Kogi state.
The group said the only way out for President Jonathan and his cohorts is to immediately stop the brewing youth revolt, which he predicted failing which his administration will be the first victim of his prediction especially because of the anti-people policies he has been pursuing with vehemence.
Reacting to the president’s comment, a statement by CNPP said it is appalling that a serving president can make such utterances without realizing the urgency and desperation of the situation to act accordingly instead of reducing a dire situation into cheap political rhetoric. It said Jonathan must not deceive himself that the time for such revolt is far away given the reality that Nigerians face daily.
“What else does the president expect when it was widely reported that President Jonathan told lawmakers that the country will collapse if he is not allowed to remove fuel subsidy. The same president fired the EFCC Chairman at a time when Nigerians expected she will investigate the landed property bought by a cabinet member in Vienna, effectively telling Nigerians that he no longer even pretends to fight corruption. We have also seen the same man abandon his national duties in preference for the local politics of his home state, Bayelsa at a time when the country is almost literarily on fire.
“Nigeria’s unemployment rate is high compared to other economies of the world, there is widespread insecurity across the land given the Boko Haram activities as well as widespread robberies, citizens’ rights are regularly abused by security agencies, impunity of the ruling class grows by the day while corruption has been institutionalized for those in position of authority. What else is left among the ingredients needed for an uprising?” The statement by CNPP’s Secretary General, Chief Willy Ezugwu asked.
“President Jonathan apparently does not understand the gravity of his prediction that was why he could pass what is the equivalent of a death sentence on the country while still wearing his trademark of indifferent smile. In a proper setting, a president would have by now declared an end to the perpetual amnesty enjoyed by corrupt people while at the same time creating the environment that will generate employment.
“It will seem Mr. President is confident that things will come to a boil under a different administration in the future. However, this is where he got it wrong. The revolt President Jonathan predicted would happen on his watch and would be spontaneous since it is almost too late to correct the evils unleashed on Nigerians in the over twelve years that his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has ruled Nigeria.
“At this stage, we expect Nigerians especially the youths to take a cue from the permission granted by Mr. President for them to revolt against unemployment, insecurity, corruption and the impunity that are not prevalent in the land. President Jonathan has already showed the lead by admitting failure through his prediction; Nigerians no longer have any reason to be complacent.” The CNPP said.
Chief Willy Ezugwu
Secretary General, CNPP

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