We have been left out of the subsidy dialogue – CNPP

The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of sowing seeds of division in the land because of desperation to remove fuel subsidy for his own selfish interest instead of plugging the loopholes in the present operation of the subsidy.

The CNPP said in a statement by its Secretary General,Willy Ezugwu, stated that President Jonathan latest ploy of inviting a select few for discussions from each sector is another of the desperate ploy to coerce the nation into accepting what has been loudly and widely rejected as anti-people. According to the CNPP Chieftain, “When President Jonathan wanted endorsements to run for office it was fashionable to seek support of over forty five political parties to accept his candidature, now that he wants to inflict suffering on the people our democratic president believes six out of forty five can get him the needed consensus’.

He has visited the same disdain on the civil society in this latest round of desperation even when an elder statesman like former Head of State, Yakubu Gowon advised against what has now become a foolhardy voyage.” The statement added. “Ahead of the endorsement he got from these political parties, President Jonathan was able to hold series of meetings with more than forty five political parties. The Save Nigeria Group took to the streets to demand that the constitution be followed to allow President Jonathan into office. Today, Mr. President finds it convenient to denigrate the political class and the civil society forgetting that these bodies are mass based as opposed to the personalities he is inviting to meetings aimed at shoving higher fuel prices down the throat of Nigerians.” It said.

CNPP said attempts by President Jonathan to use divide and rule system, first unleashed on Nigeria by British colonialists, would not work as the people who will bear the brunt of N200 per liter petrol are now wiser. The group also cautioned the president to discard his plans to use executive fiat to remove the fuel subsidy saying that he will glaringly violate the constitution in doing so; the National Assembly has told him that the PPRA Act must first be repealed or amended before he can try the kind of brigandage he carried out with his party’s governorship primary in Bayelsa state. The statement noted,a confirmation of what President Jonathan and his cohort plan to do with the money realized from removing fuel subsidy is already glaring with the continued bloating of the bureaucracy that is known to be already too heavy. “Setting up of SURE (Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme) as a propaganda tool for the removal of fuel subsidy and wasting billions of naira of scarce resources show that nothing is meant to change as the proceeds of the saved subsidy would again end up in private pockets.”

CNPP alleged that President Jonathan and his army of anti-subsidy campaigners have so far failed to answer crucial questions that the masses have raised: “What has been done to those exposed by the Senate as the beneficiaries of the previous subsidies? Why were they allowed to pocket the money meant for subsidy? What has happened to previous funds allocated for developing infrastructure if the money saved from subsidy would be devoted to infrastructure? What happens to the money statutorily budgeted for infrastructure?” “President Jonathan had himself predicted an uprising in Nigeria and we strongly advise him to learn lessons from his own prophesy.”


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