CIDAI Condemns ongoing nationwide protest by labour

The Civic Duties Awareness Initiative, CIDAI yesterday condemned the negative fallout emerging from the current ongoing organised labour strike lamenting that the crisis has given  some desperate selfish politicians  to take advantage of the situation to further divide the country to gain political benefit. Raising  the alarm on the looming dangers in the country over the ongoing protests
across the country  on the removal of the fuel subsidy,  Emmanuel Ulayi CIDAI executive director  declaring that failed politicians had hijacked the supposed peaceful rallies.

According to Ulayi, Nigeria is greater than anyone of us and it is important and crucial that we do everything possible to ensure the country survive as the issue now is not of religion or tribe but that all well meaning Nigerians from the organized labour and the civil society groups must do everything to ensure we progress as a nation. We should not allow desperate elements to exploit the situation to their selfish advantage, “Nigeria is bigger than personal interest” .The strike and action of Nigerians has shown the government that the will of the people are supreme. We must curtail the negative report coming out from some states like Edo, Kano, Gombe and kaduna on the crisis.
As a way out of the crisis, Ulayi urged oragnised labour to embrace dialogue and further consultations with the Federal Government as advised by the House of Representatives in the overall interest of the nation.

It would be recalled that House of Representatives had, on Sunday, during its emergency plenary session resolved that the Federal Government should suspend the fuel subsidy removal policy while the organised labour should also shelve the planned nationwide strike and mass pro-tests to allow for further dialogue and negations.

On  the utterances of some characters that had been leading the rallies in some states of the federation Ulayi, “it is now clear that the labour rallies have been hijacked by failed and aggrieved politicians who will never see anything good in the admini-stration of President Goodluck Jonathan”.

According to him, “the faces of the peoples we are seeing at these rallies today, are politicians pursing
personal interests? The labour leaders should watch it. Aggrieved politicians should not hide under the labour to destabilise the country.


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