Stop Intimidating Nigerians-CNPP tells AGF


The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has noted with concern a statement credited to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke in which he virtually tried to intimidate Nigerians who are genuinely protesting against what they know as an anti-people policy of the Federal Government that ambushed them with the removal of fuel subsidy. Despite the assurances given, it is obvious that the Attorney General is trying to twist the law to stifle the people’s action.

CNPP states categorically that it remains committed to the protests and strike against the removal of subsidy by the organized labour and the occupy movement and that no amount of intimidation will cow the conference or Nigerians into accepting what they know to be bad for their economic health. We commend labour, the Occupy Movement, civil society, all patriotic Nigerians and Nigerians in the Diaspora who have added their voice to the call for President Jonathan and his cabinet to revert to the N65 per liter price of petrol.

“We also acknowledge the efforts of the National Assembly even as we ask them to put more pressure on the executive arm to do the needful” the group stated. CNPP further commends the print, electronic and online media for the coverage the people’s action have received so far. We urge labour, the Occupy Movement, civil society and all patriotic Nigerians not to relent in these protests which are not just about fuel subsidy but also about compelling the government to fight corruption, prosecute the cabal alleged to have stolen the subsidy money, cut the over bloated cost of running government and put Nigerians first before international commitments to imperialists treaties.

Government should also be made to explain the astronomical rise of the amount spent on subsidy from N240 billion to N1.4 trillion annually.

CNPP wants President Jonathan and his supporters to take a look in what has happened and is happening in other countries where people have protested against bad government. The people will not give up until their demands are met and there will be a period of reckoning as those responsible must account for the public money and human lives wasted in the attempt to force the removal of subsidy on Nigerians.

Willy Ezugwu

Secretary General, CNPP


One thought on “Stop Intimidating Nigerians-CNPP tells AGF

  1. I want to ask Willy Ezugwu, ”what are your interest in NOT removing fuel subsidy”. YES! Govt. in the past never led us well due to corruption, MUST we continue in that manner? President Jonathan might have made a mistake by not consulting the organised labour; and yet he’s on the right course BUT due to the fact that you are in opposition party, instead of talking sense to the masses, you are politicising the issue. Why? Willy, let me ask you some questions, How many Nigerians’ have refineries outside the shores of this country? Who refines who? Must we continue to die in silent? Why can’t those individual build those number of refineries here in Nigeria?

    Nigeria is my fatherland and I support the bold step of my President GEJ, though he is NOT perfect just as NO one is.

    If there should be dialogue, organised labour also should consider issues very well and let PRIDE stay far. I sympatize with all those whom have lost their relatives in course of this protest.

    Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria
    Long live Rivers State
    Long live Obio/Akpor L.G.A.
    Long live Rumuola
    Long live Samuel Godwin Chinedu.

    In Unity, Forwardness & Good leadership I STAND.

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