President Jonathan is not in-charge… Daniel Onjeh

MR. PRESIDENT YOU MAY NOT BE THE MAN WE USE TO KNOW BUT PLEASE HAVE A RETHINK: With due respect Sir, you will recall that In 2003, precisely a day after Alamieyeseigha’s birthday, as a Deputy Gov, you commendably mediated & resolved an imminent crisis between the then Gov of Bayelsa State- Diepreye Alamieyeseigha and the National Association of NIGERIAN Students (NANS), under my leadership.

I remember vividly in your humble office at Yenagoa, while pleading with me to sheath my sword you said to me “War can’t solve what peace cannot resolve” Rather than embarking on the EGO-TRIP prescription of opportunist who won’t bear any consequence of your failure, bring to play your ‘Peace Philosophy’ to end the current turmoil in the country. Even if you eventually have your way, it would only amount to a pyrrhic victory as many defenseless lives who protested for the strict constitutional adherence to your right of enthronement as Acting President in 2010, are already being killed by your instrument of coercion while also protesting this time for their inalienable rights to the bearable standard of living.

You stand to lose nothing by reverting the PMS pump price to #65 per litter, instead, you will turn a HERO because for once a Nigerian President would have submitted to the popular-will of the people & the resolution of a democratic institution (Fed House of Reps). However brilliant your idea may sound, please listen the voice of the electorates and shelve it for now in the overall interest of the nation. Policies cannot be knocked down peoples’ throats in a democratic system, but negotiated.

This is just one of the bitter-pills of democracy you must learn to swallow! More money may not necessarily be the panacea to our plethora of socio-economic problems as being canvassed; channel your zeal and passion towards a ZERO-Tolerance Campaign against corruption and we may never recourse to subsidy removal to attain our macroeconomic goals. Perhaps, when the basic infrastructures are put in place to cushion the attendant effects of such policy, we may as a nation contemplate embarking on same. At this very challenging moment in the annals of our history, you cannot afford to risk creating a more divided country than you met; the outcome of your dialogue with NLC & TUC today will either make or mar you Presidency, as obviously the legislative arm of the Federal Government differs completely with your approach to this issue.

Daniel Onjeh.
Former NANS President and Ex-WASU President


2 thoughts on “President Jonathan is not in-charge… Daniel Onjeh

  1. It is time those governing realise that government is about giving the good life to the generality of the people and not just a few. They should also learn to imbibe the tenets of democracy and listen to the popular views and demands of the people

  2. What is the secret of a successful leadership? What principles did u depend on as a former wassu and nans president to succeed?

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