Al-Mustapha is the devil-incarnate, not worthy to live among human beings… Akerele

Weep Not for Al-Mustapha – former Abiola’s aide

Former personal assistant to Chief MKO Abiola, Lisa Olu Akerele, has advised Nigerians not to weep for Maj Hamza Al-Mustapha, former security chief to the late dictator Gen Sani Abacha, because “he was merely granted what he deserved in the nation’s quest of serving criminal justice.”

Reacting to Al-Mustapha’s sentence to death by a Lagos high court, Akerele said in a press statement in Abuja on Tuesday that “Al-Mustapha is the devil-incarnate, not worthy to live among human beings.”

He said those who have any sympathy for Al-Mustapha “do not know one bit about the former security chief who took advantage of his post to visit years of terror and wickedness on his fellow countrymen.”

Recalling his own personal experience in the hands of Al-Mustapha, Akerele who spent 18 months in Abacha’s gulac said: “This man was not satisfied with incacerating Abiola. He ordered my arrest, that of my junior brother then in the University of Abuja who was abducted and locked up for 10 months, that of my colleague and friend then at Concord newspapers, Mallam Adamu Mohammed, for eight months and my three drivers who got thrown into the gulac for three months each.”

Akerele who was appointed by the judge handling the Abiola case in 1994 to liaise between Abiola, members of his family, doctors, lawyers etc with the court and security agencies, noted that these persons suffered such humiliation not for any breach of security but simply because Al-Mustapha aimed at breaking Abiola down completely.

He said that when the former chief security detail to Abacha couldn’t break Abiola’s resolve to reclaim his June 12 mandate, he ordered the summary execution of his wife, Kudirat, to show how powerful he was. “But he forgot that absolute power belongs to God Almighty who is the giver and taker of life. Kudirat Abiola’s spirit will continue to haunt him and his co-conspirators until he faces the gallows when it will rest in peace,” he said.

Mr. Akerele commended the judiciary for sentencing Al-Mustapha to death by hanging, noting that the judgment is “a clear testimony that the wheel of justice may be slow but would surely catch up with culprits.” He urged judges handling other cases of extra-judicial killings by Al-Mustapha and his co-conspirators to expedite action in adjudicating with the matters before them.


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