A police recruit on training at the Police College Kaduna, Mr. Godfrey Attah, faces dismmissal and is currently being detained at the college Kaduna for openning up to the visiting Presidential committee members on Police Reforms.

Mr Attah who was seriously molested last Thursday and subsequently detained at the college cell for informing the committe memberds that officers extort money from the recruits stated Comrade Daniel Onjeh, a former President of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), who has been in contact with Attah  confirmed that the police college commandant is set to dimiss Mr. Attah for exposing the ills ongoing at the college to the members of the police reform committee.

“According to Mr. Attah,  at the instance of the Presidential  Committee on Police Reform’s visit to the College, the entire Batch ’ A’ police recruits at the police college Kaduna, who have been on training since October 14, 2011,  were assembled for interaction with the visitors”.

“While reiterating its term of reference to the hundreds of recruits, as primarily to redress the rot in the Nigerian Police Force and reposition it to face challenges of democratic society through the timely prevention and detection of crimes in all ramifications, the Reform Committee charged the police neophytes to be free to raise observation on any issue bothering on the integrity of the police and possibly suggest way of tackling such”.

The former NANS President added that Mr. Attah, summoned courage to unveil a brazing act of corruption being practiced by the administrative heads of the college. He drew the attention of the Presidential Committee to the ugly situation in which police officers extort money from desperate youths seeking employment, to enroll them in the current batch of recruits in spite of the fact that the college has exhausted six out of its fifteen months of the statutory training period. The latest of such recruitment took place two week ago and it has been a recurring decimal. He believes that that since they have gone pass the very crucial phase of their training, the new entrant would lack the necessary orientation to be patriotic and loyal to the Nigerian state. He said he is even more afraid to witness some of the newly enlisted recruits jumped straight into the ‘Musketry’ – the phase of handling ammunitions, without the requisite and basic orientation.

Mr. Onjey said the Reform Committee excused all the college police officers out of the meeting, but some of the rookies betrayed Mr, Attah, by reporting his submissions to the Management Head of the college. As soon as the Presidential Committee left the College, a group of police officers arrested Attah, satisfactorily used him as a punch-bag and detained him afterwards. The news is all over the college and the rumour making the rounds is Mr. Attah’s imminent dismissal.

If the police must be reformed, the likes of Mr. Attah deserve to stay in the force and not face dismissal as planned by the commandant of the Kaduna police college Moses Saba Ndagi.

Mr. Godfrey Attah is a police recruit undergoing training at the Police College Kaduna and currently in custody with recruitment number 108268.  If you know someone that knows someone, please intervene so Mr. Attah will not be dismissed.




  1. His bravery is commendable. But I plead with Nigerians not to insist that he remains in the force because his will be a turbulent career. If he is marked as a “saboteur” in his recruit days, he is marked for life and will be subsequently dismissed for an offence which should normally attract a verbal warning.

  2. What are d reform in current police recruit in trainning, bcos there are no different with those trainned in 1960’s. The syllabus and methods are the same.

  3. please what is the head quarters doing over the dismissed recruits from the kaduna command. I live around the college and really feel for this recruits. Some of them borrowed money to join this work and are now lamenting on where to get money to pay back. More dishertening is for those who quit there there jobs for the police. Most of these ppl are not guilty evn guilty of what they are been accused of. Yor can not train some one for almost 7 seven months & there after ask him to go. I love d police force cos where i am today is as a result of the salary which my dad use to see me through school.

  4. Honestly speaking if we thousands of police recruit that were dismissed from all over the police colleges and training schools are not call back, nigeria will have us to contend with. Not after under going training for seven good months, knowing about arms and every nook and cranny of the nigeria police. We’ve not done any thing to deserve dismissal from the college. All we were told as reason for our dismissal was that we are under height of which we are not. We under go series of screening before we were recruited, the IG should be called to return the dissmissed recruit or the issue of boko haram is just a minor case. We the dismissed recruit, all over nigeria are still hanging around waiting to hear the news of our call back to continue our training. If we are not call back, then nigeria wil have another war called police haram to contend with. Instead of allowing youths to get themselves involved in one job or the other, they are giving the youth more reason to join criminal act. We are still waiting for a reply from the federal government.

  5. The situation in Police College Kaduna defies logical solution as the authority concern in the college remain adarmant to Nigerians complains. The commandan of the college Sanusi Rufai continue to dismise recruit who have spent nine months so far on training without clear justification to warrant their exit. So far an extimated 400 recruit were sent parking out of the college and the number is still counting till date. If NPF knew they have no need of this recruit to increase their man power. Why take much time to make their faith known now after undergoing several screening before their training? These recruit deserve better than this in their country, they deserve a genue answer from Federal Government than they are over age, fake result or deformed. We are not fools neither can we fall for those lies. Nigerian are waithing.

  6. I have never seen an inresposible and arrogant commant like Salisu Rufai who is boosting and bent in dismissing 2,000 recruit who have undergone training for 9 month now. I am calling on Mr. President Goodluck Jonathan to interfier on this matter.

  7. I like your comment, and it is true that if something is not done Nigeria might face some demeanor from this recriuts.
    As a historian i want to believe that there are other reasons as to the dismissal, and as Nigeria government is good with setting up panel of enquiries,something can be done, but with the little or no trust we have in government the report of the panel will not be accepted by the concerned party because the panel will be constituted by those who wil be affected by any good outcome.

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