Terrorist Attacks Imminent in Abuja –US Embassy.

By: Alkasim Abdulkadir

The Boko Haram insurgency in Northern Nigeria that has claimed more than 1000 lives since 2009 has once again caught the attention of foreign diplomats in Abuja with the recent warning from the U.S. Mission.

A statement on the U.S. Embassy’s website has said “that they have received information that Boko Haram may be planning attacks in Abuja, Nigeria, including against hotels frequently visited by Westerners. The U.S. government has no additional information regarding the timing of these possible attacks. The Nigerian government is aware of the threat and is actively implementing security measures”.

The statement further stated that U.S. citizens should exercise additional caution and maintain a high state of vigilance and personal security awareness, particularly in and around Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, near Nigerian government facilities, diplomatic missions, large gathering places, hotels, markets and malls, and places of worship.

The U.S. Embassy also advised its citizens who are coming to Nigeria or who reside in Nigeria to enrol in the State Department’s Smart Traveller Enrolment Program (STEP). In order for the embassy or Consulate to contact them in the event of an emergency.

Courtesy: Citizensplatform


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