Alison Madueke Must Step Aside.. EiE Insist

Enough is Enough Nigeria Protest in January 2010, demanding for the constitution of Nigeria to install then Vice President Goodluck Jonathan

EnoughisEnough Nigeria, a coalition of young Nigerians demands the immediate resignation of the Minister of Petroluem Resources Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke over the fuel subsidy probe report.

A statement signed by  the Executive Director of the group ‘Yemi Adamolekun made available today,  said the minister of petroleum ‘’cannot be a judge in her case’’ as the most honorable thing to do is  step aside as the investigation carried out directly centres on her ministry.

‘’ We had initially acknowledged that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for the Minister of Petroleum Resources to oversee/supervise the investigation of allegations in which her office features prominently Ms Adamolekun noted.

‘’ We expected that the honourable thing to do in this situation would be step aside from the office pending the conclusion of the investigations’’.

Given the depth of fraud uncovered by the Committee, the Minister should be removed from office the statement added.

The youth led group questioned, If the 445,000 bpd allocated to NNPC is sufficient to meet the local needs, what exactly should the price of PMS per litre be? It is at this point we can determine what exactly is being subsidized.

The group also demanded that all officers that have been implicated in the report should step aside until the criminal investigations are concluded and the EFCC has to immediately follow up on the findings of the report and prosecute all those found guilty.

EiE  Nigeria insist that three arms of government – legislative, executive and judiciary – play their respective roles to make sure that the findings of the report, is fully adopted.


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