Regional fare imbalance must be dismantled –Aviation Minister.

Princess Stella Oduah, Aviation Minister

By: Abang Mercy

The Aviation Minister Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah has said that the 30 – day ultimatum issued to all foreign airlines operating in Nigeria to dismantle their fare disparity which expires today, is still on course.

The Minister in a statement made available today  noted that ever since the ultimatum was issued, a lot of developments have occurred. There have been consultations and negotiations between the Nigerian and British authorities with regard to the operations of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Negotiations involving other foreign Carriers has also been on-going -the statement added.

The statement signed by the Special Adviser to the Minister, Joe Obi said the intervention by the House of Representatives and the Senate has been the most significant development to resolve the fare imbalance.

Mr. Obi further stated that, the intervention and investigation of the Senate Committee on Aviation is still on-going and the first phase of that investigation has been the Public Hearing where all interested and affected stakeholders made various representations to the Committee.

“Action in this regard will be determined at the conclusion of the Senate investigation in order not to prejudice the outcome of the Committee Report as well as accord due respect and recognition to the current effort of the institution of the National Assembly at resolving the issues in the best interest of the nation’’, the media aid noted.

Mr. Obi also said that while the Hon. Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah insists that the regional fare imbalance must be dismantled, with severe consequences for all airlines that fail to comply, it is however imperative to allow the Senate investigation to take its full course.

As a result, the proposed ban of all airlines that fail to restore fare parity has been put on hold in the interim  in deference to the ongoing intervention efforts by the National Assembly.

Article first published on Citizensplatform


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