Stop corruption, to fight terrorism youth group urges

Threats posed by Terrorism or terrorist attacks world over cannot be over enphasised. In some cases, it could lead to disintegration of societies if not nib in the bud. In the cousre of the attacks by the terrorists, they kill unarmed civilians including women and children who are not spared.

Nigeria is also not spared as recently, there have been series of attacks targeted at the Nigerian state; it is in this respect that A group of young Nigerians during the week met in Abuja to examine the spate of insecurity and profer possible solutions.

The Group against terrorism, urged Government to declare a national emergency on poverty, corruption, unemployment and institute international best practices in government, while making public office to be less-financially attractive, but selflessly rewarding.The group mostly constituted by young Nigerians, also resolved that terrorism as presently identified in Nigeria should be re-defined as a national challenge and not a sectional/religious problem and all Nigerians irrespective of affiliation should be involved in the task of putting an end to this problem to safeguard our unity and peaceful co-existence.

They also surggested that government show sincere commitment to dialoguing with the Boko Haram Sect bearing in mind that no amount of weapons can win thewar, while urging the Sectgroup to embrace the opportunity of a peaceful mediation to put an end to insurgency, bearing in mind that it could never achieve its goal with insurgency and guerrilla warfare.

On the best Security strategy, the group called for an Overhaul of the intelligence network, redefining strategies to conform with modern day reality, creating a proactive peoples-friendly force and training more under-cover security agents and secrete counter-terrorism personnel to forestall future occurrence.

In a communiqué issued at the end of the dialogue, Political and Opinion leaders were urged to re-connect with Nigerians at the grass root beyond seeking political gains and hold regular interactions with locals through town hall and community meeting identify with the needs and yearnings of the people, while living exemplary life of moderation.

They also called on Religious and Traditional leaders to be in the vanguard of Promoting nationalism and patriotism as instruments for peaceful co-existent through sermons, teachings and actions, leave exemplary life of moderation.

The youth group further called on Government to minimize casualties from attacks, by embarking on a massive orientation of Nigerians on safety tips and strategies that can be adopted during bomb explosions/ and also dedicated toll free lines for people to reach out to security networks.

The meeting was the first of its kind, conveyed at the instance of concerned Nigerian Youths from the six geopolitical constituencies  called the Grand Alliance Against Terrorism (GAATS) and supported by the National Orientation Agency (NOA), to explore a new approach in the fight against terrorism

No fewer than 30 patriotic young Nigerians representing different youth organizations across the country attended the special technical session offering valuable contributions. Some of the youth groups present includes, the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), National Association of the Nigerian Student (NANS) Conscience Nigeria (CN) Enough is Enough Nigeria (EiE) among others. It was a rancor-free and solution-driven meeting, tailored toward developing a holistic national plan that will address the problems.


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