Why We Need Internet Policing In Nigeria!

By Perkins Onome

Minister of Communications Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson

Nigeria is rapidly growing its presence in the universal space; this has also given rise to the urgent need to employ measures to squarely manage this growth positively to curb the menace shown on our cyber space daily.

It is no longer news that most young Nigerians rely more on meeting people via the internet than physically; the reason for this is not distant from the fact that the syndrome of get rich quick, social relationship and the desire to ‘be among’ is dancing on the centre state in our society.
We have over time recorded cases of victims who have been killed while some lose properties worth millions to cyber criminals with the aim of promising returns which turned out to be the reverse.
Recently, the Minister of Communications Technology in Nigeria, Mrs. Omobola Johnson stated in Lagos that the Federal Government is doing all it can to bring cyber crimes in Nigeria to manageable level and called on all well meaning Nigerians to support the efforts of the government to accomplish this height.
“The Federal Government is not resting on his oars in ensuring that cybercrime is reduced to the barest minimum by encouraging young people to channel their energy positively into ICT innovation” she stated.
Going by what the minister said, I think there’s more to do than encouraging young people to embrace ICT innovations to the government’s ability to introduce Nigeria Internet Policing scheme to check mate the goings on of online activities in Nigeria as it relates with cyber criminality.
The timely involvement of young Nigerians in the usage of various social media networking websites, like Facebook, My space, You tube, Twitter, to mention just a few has shown the need to introduce internet policing in Nigeria as done in some developed countries in the world with a view to track the country’s internet presence. This innovation will go a long way to support the already fashion security architecture of the government to fight the present insecurity in the nation.
“Internet policing is a genetic term for police and secret police departments and other organization in charge of policing internet in a number of countries. The major purpose of internet police, depending on the state, are fighting crimes, as well as censorship, propaganda, and monitoring and manipulating the online public opinion” (Wikipedia)
Presently, Nigeria is faced with numerous internet challenges that are dangerous to our continued existence online if not arrested NOW! In my opinion, Internet-Policing (IP) is the first and right step in a good direction for the government to implement to fight against cyber crimes.
While some genuine users are flooding social media for rightful means to hangout and share common interests, we must not blind our focus to those whose sole aim is to cause harm in form of hacking personal accounts of potential victims and spreading false information that is strong enough to cause or promote violence in the society.
Cyber crime in itself is a threat to Nigeria’s growth in e-commerce and that will directly affect our collective economic viability.
Therefore, we need internet policing in Nigeria to regulate the use of the internet and at the same time not damage or stop the freedom as it is enjoyed globally.
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3 thoughts on “Why We Need Internet Policing In Nigeria!

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  2. I am sorry, but I think policing the last vestige of freedom is silly. It would always be misused. Your freedom is going to be compromised. The government should never be trusted with freedom.

    The onus lies with everyone to guard oneself against fraudulent people and dangerous people. Report to police if you find that you are involved with criminal elements.

    Simple common sense rules help: be careful who you talk to on internet, if it is too good to be true, then it is not true…

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