Who is Mercy Abang

Journalism is my primary calling with a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations, I started thinking creative, away from just writing and reporting stories. Specialized in Broadcast news reporting!!!! Now I have a blog too knowing that its a new media age. I cant afford not to be part of the web 2.0 world…. Oh yeah, before I forget, I’m an elections observer (I love observing ELECTIONS) Welcome to my blog..


15 thoughts on “Who is Mercy Abang

  1. BBC Africa is looking to strengthen its relationship with the African audience. In particular, we would like to build a working relationship with social media commentators.
    BBC Africa has made numerous changes over the last few months and we’ve noticed how important social media has become to the audience. Our work on social media has been integrated into all our output. Since October 31st, the 1700 GMT edition of Focus on Africa has grown from 45min to a full hour, so that we are able to increase input from what’s happening on social media sites.
    We would like to invite you to participate in this programme, giving your reaction to breaking news stories, authoring op-ed items and engaging in pan-African discussions.

    Also we have developed an off air strategy that will include forum discussions, video chats and Q&A with newsmakers.
    The main objective of reaching out to bloggers is to bring new voices into our coverage and tackle stories that we might have missed in the past. We would encourage you to contact us with stories and themes that you think the BBC should be covering and also feedback on stories that we cover.
    We look forward to hearing from you – and hearing your voice on BBC Africa. Please join our social media pages to keep updated or topics and debates from BBC Africa
    Best Wishes
    Miriam Quansah
    Social Media Producer
    BBC Africa
    twitter: @bbcafrica
    Facebook: BBC Africa
    google+: BBC Africa
    email: miriam.quansah@bbc.co.uk

    • Thank you Mariam, you can always reach me through my personal e-mail address epacampaign@gmail.com.. Sincere apologies, it took me some time to respond, i have been ill but getting better now… Kindly keep me posted on specific stories will be needing my assistance as i also work as an elections observer in Africa… Thanks

    • Great opportunity to discuss thematic issues as they affect Africa, especially via the social media

      Good initiative.


      Isaac Yomi

  2. I love your page but hate wen it wen ‎​ U̶̲̥̅̊ find it hard to reply anytimE I buzz ‎​ U̶̲̥̅̊ on fb*sad face*

  3. Hey Mercy, together we can contribute to building a great nation wher peace, progress, justice, and love reigns. I beilieve in the country still cos we have all that is required to make it great in our hands. We just need to selflessly strike a balance. Kindly continue the good work.
    Remain blessed in Christ Jesus

  4. Hi Mercy A.:

    It was nice meeting you at that event: “Green Deal for Nigeria”. I am the spokesperson and culture representative of the Azanian National Union (ANU), who attended that event and distributed leaflets for the ANU. We even spoke for some few minutes in the corridor during the break (where I introduced you that elderly former serviceman). My sincere apology for having left the place without bidding you well for the rest of your stay in Europe. Perhaps, I should have invited you for caffee or thereafter! In any event, I hope your trip to Germany went well; and you are probably by now back in West Azania, specifically Nigeria.

    The occasion was undoutedly a unique one; and hope we both could use that a special conduit to get to know each other better.
    Of course, as noted on the leaflets I distributed at the event. In addition to the culture and political activities, I am also an interdisciplinary researcher (in political science and public and international economic law). In fact, I recently completed a postgraduate research in international economic law (LLM); and about to begin a postdoctoral research at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) before relocating to Azania.

    I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards

  5. Hi Mercy how was your trip to Germany? I never knew you are this neck-deep into social media networking and reporting. Well i think we can work 2gether. I like your blog, keep it up. My regards.

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